The world witnessed a terrible tragedy when a huge explosion devastated the city of Beirut in Lebanon. The loss of life and destruction to the city was unimaginable and to make things worse, local government did not serve the people of that great country as they deserved. As a result, unnecessary lives were lost or impacted by this avoidable tragedy. Many outside organizations and ordinary citizens had to mobilize to help save lives and begin the recovery process. Share Box was in Istanbul, Turkey during the aftermath of the explosion and felt compelled to help those who desperately need it. While visiting the magnificent Hagia Sophia which was recently converted back to a mosque, Share Box was able to participate in Friday prayers or Jummah and prayed for the healing of the world and all it’s people. Afterwards, Share Box met some great people who help during international crisis such as the Beirut tragedy. A large monetary donation was made to help the people of Lebanon during their time of need. Consider donating to great causes such as relief for the innocent people of Beirut who are victims of corrupt and greedy governments and groups.