Share Box once again headed to our friendly neighbor to the south in the city of Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. A beautiful seaside town with great people and culture, Cabo like many other Mexican towns have been hard hit by the pandemic. After months on lock down with little help from the government and tourism all but dried up, people have struggled to maintain hope or get the basic necessities needed to survive. Once we arrived in Cabo, we heard endless stories of extreme hardships and not much hope for the future. Tourism has been opened to outside countries once again, but not enough to sustain anybody or business. Much help is needed now and in the future.

Share Box was able to bring a load of vital supplies such as personal protective equipment, food, and monetary funds to help with buying food and medicine. We look forward to going back soon with even more aid to help more people. With volunteering, donations, and even supporting the people through tourism, Mexico will always have caring neighbors to the north.