In June of 2020, Share Box was able to deliver it’s first round of aid to Mexico during the Covid-19 Pandemic. For months, volunteers have collected various items from food, clothing, personal protective equipment and medical supplies in anticipation of distributing them once needs were identified. Now that some countries have opened their borders to outside personnel, Share Box has been preparing to execute it’s mission of delivering supplies and hope around the United States and the world.

Once we arrived in Cancun, Mexico, a surreal feeling came over us as we seemingly entered a ghost town that desperately needed social and economic activity to bring back it’s once vibrant and energetic atmosphere. As we were waiting in baggage claim for our box to arrive, the claim belt stopped moving as the very few group of passengers on our flight proceeded past customs. As I waited and waited, a ramp agent finally led us to our package on the over-sized belt. After a sigh of relief, we were then approached by customs agents who wanted to inspect our very curious box with the strange logo on it’s side. The customs agent proceeded to open the box and explain to us that many items would not be allowed into the country such as rice and some other foods. After pleading with the agent by explaining these items would be donated for charity, the agent was kind and let us through customs with all of our supplies. Share Box then donated the contents of the box to local employees of the airport to use or share among themselves or other needy individuals. They were very grateful and surprised that anyone would just come and give them much needed help out of the blue. Share Box cannot wait until they can return with more help and supplies as the need will be great and on going.