Share Box took a quick trip to New Orleans, Louisiana to provide some aid to the growing homeless population throughout the city.  The Covid variant Delta has spread throughout the city and state with a vigor not seen since last summer. New restrictions have been implemented as thousands of new cases are registered each day. With the ongoing public health crisis and the effects on the economy and families, many citizens are finding themselves without work, homes, and hope.  Many tent cities have been popping up below the iconic New Orleans raised highways that saw thousands fleeing years ago during Hurricane Katrina.  Share Box was able to provide some relief for the unlucky victims of bad circumstances that led them to such dire straights. Through these monetary donations, some people have been given hope and a means to feed themselves and get by for awhile. The hope is more people will help in the future and the homeless and needy can start on the road to recovery. Share Box along with many organizations are fighting a battle that can and will be won, but it starts with ordinary people volunteering and donating their time and resources to make it happen.