October 2020 and the third trip to Turkey this year and every time it is more amazing than the last. Unfortunately, like all nations on this Earth, people fall through the cracks and are in need of help.  With the ongoing pandemic, refugee crisis, and general slowdown of the world economies, many Turkish and foreign refugees have suffered.  Share Box was blessed to have been able to directly help some needy families and individuals in the streets along with pumping much needed tourist dollars to the local economy.  Many times, citizens of first world countries take what they have for granted not knowing many more people of the world live without the basic necessities to survive.  That is why just a little help from them can go such a long way in other countries. Think about tipping a little extra to the waitress, or not haggle down the price of goods and services when you are on vacation.  Those liras or whatever currency can keep less fortunate people afloat.