In the United States and around the world, the Covid-19 Pandemic has devastated lives and economies in a way that has not been seen in our lifetimes. Many people and countries were hurting prior to the pandemic and with it spreading like wildfire, it only exasperated the suffering. Share Box along with many other charities, non-profits, governments, businesses, and genuinely good people have made valiant efforts to stem the tide of hardships and heartache by doing all they can. We were fortunate to have some food inventory that was initially slated for overseas distribution, to be donated to a local food bank right here in Lancaster, PA.  The Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church led by a wonderful man of God named Pastor Bailey is doing great works and looking after their flock in the community. Share Box was delighted to meet him and eager to help them on their continuous mission of good. If you are in the area, feel free to stop by their sanctuary and if able, donate food and supplies.

Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church

450 E. Strawberry St. Lancaster, PA 17602

Phone: (717)393-8379