The Covid-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented devastation throughout the United States and the world. With millions of cases and many thousands lost to the virus, the world is suffering like never before. Many people and countries were facing health and economic hardships before the pandemic swept throughout the world without regard to borders or barriers. These disadvantaged people along with many new millions of individuals and families now face uncertainty of the future from health, economic and social threats as a result of the virus.

Now more than ever, your neighbor to a family on the other side of the world need our help to survive and recover from this once in a lifetime catastrophe. Throughout the world, the health and economic consequences from the virus and lock downs have jeopardized the future well-being of people and their countries. Share Box along with many other charities, NGO’s and governments need to ensure that the full resources of their organizations are utilized to offer relief to the suffering. Although there are many travel restrictions, Share Box has been preparing shipments and delivering aid and relief to open countries during the pandemic. As more countries open up, Share Box will be ready to offer as much assistance as possible to those suffering throughout the world. Please help us in our mission.