Share Box was fortunate to be able to visit beautiful Rio De Janeiro while in Brazil in September 2020 during the ongoing worldwide pandemic.  Boxes of school supplies, PPE, clothes, and household goods were distributed in Sao Paulo days earlier to grateful recipients.  Share Box then took the journey from Sao Paulo to Rio De Janeiro through the countryside and mountains to see first hand the beauty and poverty of the country.  Like many impoverished nations, the people outside of the urban centers have many less resources and opportunities afforded to those in the cities.  Our future goals and missions will start to focus on these people and those areas.



Once arriving in Rio De Janeiro, it was very apparent that many things have changed since our last visit. Many more homeless individuals and families, closed businesses, and empty real estate everywhere. The usual vibrancy of street vendors and tourists were not to be found, and there was a general odd malaise in the once lively Copacabana area.  While in Rio, Share Box was blessed to have found local volunteers who distribute meals to the homeless everyday.  Share Box was able to contribute by purchasing 100 meals and helping them distribute them throughout the streets.



It’s always perplexing to see how countries can have such beauty and utter poverty in the same place. We pray that these countries develop their governments and economies to benefit all of their citizens in the future.  In the meantime, charities and generous people must fill the gap until then.  Share Box will stay on mission until there isn’t a single hungry child, homeless family, or people in despair around the world.