With conditions in Brazil deteriorating from the scourge of Covid-19 and the faltering economy, Share Box engaged on another mission to Sao Paulo in November of 2020 to deliver more meals, money, and supplies.  It seems that with every subsequent visit, more citizens are forced onto the streets of despair and poverty. Share Box distributed many hot meals and hygiene kits along with monetary hand outs throughout Sao Paulo.  Many people were grateful for the gesture but much more is still needed.  Also, police presence has significantly increased due to an ever rising wave of petty and violent crime.  Unfortunately, I was robbed at night in the very touristy area of Republica even among the presence of police feet away.  Desperation has led to crime and it will only increase if things do not improve.  Share Box will not be deterred by the incident and will continue to try to help as many people as possible.