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Who We Are

Share Box is a Non Profit Organization that brings together like minded individuals who have a passion to reach out to the needy throughout the world with generosity and compassion. Our main focus is the collection of supplies and aid from generous donors and corporations and distributing those items directly to local charities throughout the world by our dedicated team of workers and volunteers.

Our Story

The passion to want to help those in need throughout the world was conceived after the founder of this organization saw how many people needed help on his many journeys around the United States and the world. After donating time and money to large and small non-profits and charities, he was not satisfied that the monetary funds were being appropriately and ethically applied to the intended recipients and causes. Therefore, he looked for a better way. With years of business and life experience, he decided to create an accountable and efficient non profit organization that maximized all donations for the most benefit of those in need. And then in 2018, Share Box was officially born and ready to fulfill its purpose in life. Instead of focusing just on monetary donations, Share Box was created to efficiently deliver vitally needed supplies to those in need throughout the world. With a vast network of workers, volunteers, and organizations, Share Box is able to effectively collect and distribute supplies on a consistent basis to many local charities, organizations, and religious institutions.

Executive Team

Jeffrey Pasternak

Founder & CEO

Sophia Burrows

International Operations Director

Jonathan Smith

Chief Marketing Director

Our Volunteers

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