COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on the world and the needs in the present and the future will be great. Share Box is currently recruiting volunteers to deliver vital supplies to needy people and organizations around the United States and the world.

Are you a traveler? Do you want to help those in need? Share Box may have a great volunteer opportunity for you!

Supporting Water Street Mission Food Bank

Share Box was honored to support the great works being done by the Water Street Mission in Lancaster, PA. They are impacting lives daily by providing food and shelter, health and social services, and many more services that help disadvantaged people in the community. Serving hot meals daily to hundreds of recipients and providing food

Relief Supplies Delivered in Cabo, Mexico

Share Box once again headed to our friendly neighbor to the south in the city of Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. A beautiful seaside town with great people and culture, Cabo like many other Mexican towns have been hard hit by the pandemic. After months on lock down with little help from the government and

P.P.E. Donation in Jamaica

Sometimes, many of us take for granted what we have because we have an abundance of most things we need. Unfortunately, here in the United States and around the world, many go without the basic essentials and needs they require to survive. It is very important to live with a generous philosophy and give whenever

Food Bank Donation to AME Church in Lancaster, PA

In the United States and around the world, the Covid-19 Pandemic has devastated lives and economies in a way that has not been seen in our lifetimes. Many people and countries were hurting prior to the pandemic and with it spreading like wildfire, it only exasperated the suffering. Share Box along with many other charities,

Pandemic Relief in Cancun, MX

In June of 2020, Share Box was able to deliver it’s first round of aid to Mexico during the Covid-19 Pandemic. For months, volunteers have collected various items from food, clothing, personal protective equipment and medical supplies in anticipation of distributing them once needs were identified. Now that some countries have opened their borders to